Water Storage Tanks Inc. manufactures CorGal tanks for water storage
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CORGAL ®  galvanized steel tanks are used for water or liquid storage. CORGAL tanks are constructed of Scafco corrugated, galvanized, punched and rolled steel wall sheets that are bolted together at a project site. Most CORGAL tanks are round structures but special shapes can also be produced. CORGAL tanks are very adaptable and range from 6' to 105' diameter.

CORGAL liquid storage tanks generally are fitted with preliners and flexible membrane liners on the inside of the tanks for water containment. The CORGAL tank does not have a bottom structure. Most CORGAL corrugated tanks are constructed on a concrete foundation. The use of a flexible membrane liner also distributes the water load uniformly across the foundation area.

For those applications for which a liner is not suitable, then a CORGAL tank can be constructed with double punched and gasketed wall sheets that are bolted together. A concrete floor is then poured inside the tank to complete the water seal.

CORGAL tanks are installed by trained CORGAL Water Storage Tank Assemblers working under a network of CORGAL Dealers.

CORGAL corrugated galvanized steel tanks are used for both permanent and temporary liquid storage. CORGAL tanks may be disassembled and relocated if necessary.

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